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Legacy Weekend: March 27-29, 2020

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We are Villanovans

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  • Play videos and audio from seven decades
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Legacy Weekend: March 27-29, 2020         

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Timothy Koob, Tom Bucaria, Bill Ippolito, Steve Dannemiller, Rick Lenahen, and Michael Inguanti at Legacy Weekend 2018

We Are The Villanova Singers

The Villanova Singers, 1961-1962

The Villanova Singers are regarded as one of the finest collegiate male ensembles in the world. Spanning over seven decades we’ve toured the globe, performed at many of the world’s notable landmarks and concert venues, and led the chorus of V for Villanova at three NCAA basketball championships. Learn more

Front row L to R: Ian Lipton, Jack Armstrong, Jack Blake, Tom Picardo, John Sperger, Jim Quinn, Ron Sisca. Rear Row: Mike Collins, Santo Agolino, Jim Croce, Frank Romano, Mike Romano

The Spires, founded in 1961 as a folk group by Tom Picardo (Tommy West) and joined by Tim Hauser and Jim Croce, thrive today as one of several outstanding a cappella groups performing at Villanova. Learn more

In 2007 the Legacy Society was formed to link the generations of Singers in perpetuity and ensure the institution, traditions, music and brotherhood of song endure.  Learn more

Together, we are the Villanova Singers; we invite you to explore, listen, laugh and learn about our past, present and future.

Look & Listen

The Villanova Singers have been making beautiful music and memories since 1953. Listen to songs and take a look at pictures spanning seven decades.

Check out this newly remastered (2018) version of Brothers, Sing On! from 1977 (thanks to Glenn Reitmeier)

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Recording Brothers In Song, February1996


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7 decades of memories and counting…