Legacy Weekend

March 23-25, 2018 is Legacy ’18 Weekend!

Registration IS OPEN! Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates, fun photos and more.

Below is the exciting new weekend agenda which includes:


  • SINGERS v. SPIRES THROWDOWN!: Singers and Spires will face off in a no holds, throat throttling, sound blasting battle of the century.

  • A CAPPELLA ACROSS CAMPUS: Featured Saturday nite special a cappella performances from a selection of a cappella groups from NOVA nation, hosted by the Spires

  • LIVE PERFORMANCE: Performance in Main Chapel in front of an invited live audience

  • SERVICE: Honoring the retired Augustinian priests  on campus at a special Palm Sunday Mass in the Main Chapel on Saturday afternoon

  • ACCESSIBLE: Prices rolled back to circa 2006 so more of our younger Legacy members can attend. HUGE discount for recent grads!
  • BROTHERHOOD: Added more free time throughout the weekend to assure there’s plenty of time to catch up with your colleagues and get to know the current Singers


Look Who’s Coming! (as of 20 February 2018)