On The Road Again…

Chicago, 1965

A  highlight for Villanova Singers is the opportunity to perform “on the road.” In the early years, the destination of a tour was often a women’s college, and the concerts involved performances by the Singers, the choir from the host college, plus a major joint number. After the concert, a “mixer” offered the chance for the hostesses and guests to socialize.

Tour bus trips are often memorable social events, offering opportunities to have fun, play cards, and (of course) sing. Beginning in the 1970s, air travel broadened the horizons for Singers tours. Since 1963, the Singers have logged more than 200,000 miles, leaving behind a long and distinguished trail of accomplishments stretching as far west as California, as far north as Canada, as far south as Brazil, and as far east as Greece.

2003 Tour

Singers tours typically produce great memories, and great musical moments, and there are a number of Singers who met their future wives on Tour.

Greece, 1997
In the 1960’s, the Singers perform Bach’s Magnificat with a college in the Midwest
Poland, 1980

Past highlights included 7-day tours of Italy in the spring 2001, Austria and Germany in the spring of 2003, Puerto Rico in the spring of 2004, Montreal in the fall of 2004 and a return trip to Italy in the spring of 2005. In March 2007 the Singers performed on tour in Spain, and 2009 brought the Singers to South America for the first time, in Brazil.

The Singers returned to Italy in February/March of 2011. The tour included performances at the Duomo in Spoleto, the Basilica of Saint Benedict in Norcia, the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, a joint concert with an Italian choir in Lucca, and an evening Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. And of course, there were impromptu bursts of song at the Trevi Fountain and at other assorted spots throughout the tour.

In March 2015, the Singers toured in The Czech Republic and Austria.

Because the Singers budget has not grown for decades, and travel costs have soared, the Singers have drastically reduced their tour schedule. The Villanova Singers Endowment Fund has been created to subsidize Singers tours. Visit the Donate  page to learn how your donation can support Singers tours for generations to come.